Saturday, January 30, 2016

Disappointed in Sears

I bought Melrose Pillowtop King Mattress set by Beautyrest recharge at Sears. In fact, I had paid extra to have it delivered today.

I received a text message last night that it would be delivered today between 4-6 pm. This morning I received another text that it was on schedule to be delivered on time. I never received another message.  I checked online and it was still out for delivery but delivery was delayed. It would not be delivered until 6:30. I looked at 6:30 pm and it was delayed still. I called and was told they were delayed but that it should be delivered during 4-6 pm time frame. When I told the lady it was already after 7 pm. Her comment was that they were on their way to delivery number 8 and I was 9. We finished eating dinner at 8 pm and I went to check status and it says it was delivered, but it has not been delivered nor has anyone been here. I would love to receive my mattress, let it air out and make the bed before I have to leave for work tonight.

I have not heard a word from Sears.

I just called Sears again and the lady said has been rescheduled. First I heard about it. I told the lady no one had called me regarding that and their website says it has been delivered. When I told her the website says it was delivered she now tells me that their truck broke down and they can not deliver it until Next Saturday. They only value my time for their not giving me updates as only being worth $60, and that only as shop-my-way credit.

Not happy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ULAK Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S 2-Piece Dual Layer Style Hard Cover (Gold+Black)

All opinions expressed are my own and Xander's. I received the ULAK Hybrid Case for his iPhone 5 for free. Amazon said it would be delivered Saturday, with the Snow we received, mail did not run, but I received a text from Amazon around 3 pm Sunday, that the ULAK case had been delivered and sure enough it was in my mailbox.  My son quickly opened the package and was begging me to switch cases.
 A new case, a clothe to wipe screen off, new screen protector, a card to wipe the bubbles out and a stylist

Before we put the phone in the new case, this is the way the 2 pieces go.
 This is how the 2 pieces look when they are separated before adding them to the phone.

His iPhone 5 going into the first piece, after replacing the screen protector that was on his phone. It was filthy.
 Putting on the second part of the case.
 Completely together.

 This is what the back looks like.

Side view. Looks so much slimmer.

Difference in thickness between his Otterbox and ULAK. ULAK is much thinner.

Pros: Thin. Clearer, cleaner sound out of speaker. Easier to remove. Fits better in pockets. Does not stick to lining of backpack at school, or his sweatpants pockets. Thinner button covers requiring less pressure. Comes with a stylist that matches cover.

Cons: Does not protect from water or dust. My son said he wished it had an outer screen cover like the the Otterbox does to give added protection from scratches.

Overall Opinion:  Love the ULAK. It fits better in his pockets. Easy to get to earbud plug and power connection. Protects very well from drops. Love the stylist.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I won a Prize Pack from

On January18th, I received an e-mail from Melissa saying I was the Craft Stash Giveaway Winner.  Thank you Melissa at To my surprise, the prize pack arrived today, January 25th.  I was not expecting it to come that quickly. 

I think I have listed everything below that I received.

Again, Melissa, thank you so much for the Giveaway contest and for all that was included. I look forward to when I have time in my busy College class schedule to have time to work on these. I have already gotten quite a few ideas floating around of what I can do with them.

It has an 8 vintage decor stencil set and a 37 stencil set that covers all the seasons activities throughout the year.

 There were Two packages of tissue paper pom pom kits containing 5 kits each. One package was white and the other shades of red.

There were a variety of label/sticker sheets, totaling Six sheets.

 There were Two sheets of card stock/cardboard punch out decorations. A roll of Stencil tape to tape the stencils to vases and such without leaving behind a sticky residue. A package containing Twelve Butterfly Favor boxes. An Eleven piece, Learn with Martha: Metalworking kit which makes 4 metal decorations.

It has Four chalkboard signs on sticks, ribbon. Three small metal buckets that spell out CAT. Four bottles of Acrylic Craft Paint, Four mini wooden baskets. Two rolls of decorating Duct Tape. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Haribo Sour Gold-Bears

Received this in the mail today for free. All opinions are our own. I received Haribo Sour Gold Bears. My son was a bit apprehensive to try them as he had not heard of them before, but my husband told him that they were the number one brand name out there for gummies. 
At first my son said they were extremely sour and did not like them. I told him that it was fine if he did not like them, that his Dad and I would. We both had some and said they are not nearly as sour as some of the other candies he likes but that they actually had a nice flavor and the sugar coating made them taste even better. Once we said that, he and his dad started eating more than 1 at a time and both declared them better than other sour gummies. Although my son still did not like the pineabpple flavored one.  Would definitely recommend. They are not as bad for you as other gummies and have a great taste.

I think there was a mixup at Swaggables because I received 2 packages in the mail containing the items. Great full for that because we have had snow and my son and husband have been going a bit stir crazy with not being able to really get out and about in this weather. This gives them some snacks to settle them down.

Pros: Great realistic flavors, not over powering. Not a lot of preservatives.

Cons: not extremely sour when that is the thing you are craving.

Overall: Would definitely recommend. They have a great taste that is not over powering or fake. Not as many preservatives as other brands.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

VoxBox from Influenster

I received this VoxBox from Influenster, it was acctually in my mail box when I returned from my in-laws 2 days after Christmas. 

 Inside was Pure Ice nail polish, Cetaphil moisturizing Cream. Nail polish for those times I am waiting to go get my nails done with NexGen. I get to try a cream to see how I like it before spending money.

Three Biscoff cookies. I get to try cookies that I don't normally like.

 Kiss False Eyelashes, Kiss Adhesive for Eyelashes, NYS Mascara. Now I just have to figure out how to use them.

Coupon for a free bag of OreIda Tots. Something to look forward to eating, thankfully my son does not like Tots, so there are more for me! Love OreIda Tots. Crispy just like they are supposed to be. Will have to get some more when I have room in the freezer.
Hallmark IttyBitty Olaf. My son saw and immediately said it was his. I had to tell him that if he does not keep it up, then Cocoa will think it is a new chew toy for her.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Purina® Beyond® Dog Snacks

My dogs are absolutely in love with Purina® Beyond® Dog Snacks. They like them all better than their other treats but they really love the jerky the best.

Cocoa (on the left) and B.J. (on the right) are trying to decide on the treat they want the most.

B.J. is trying to choose Jerky.

They love these treats and I do not feel guilty about giving them too many treats when I give them Purina® Beyond® Dog Snacks.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ulak Knox Armor for iPhone 6 Plus

My husband has been complaining that while he likes the Otterbox protection, it makes his iPhone 6 Plus thick. My husband is 6'8", in his big hands the iPhone 6 Plus looks like an iPhone 6 does in my hands. 

Amazon lists the Ulak knox Armor for the iPhone 6 Plus reg. 29.99. I received the Ulak Knox Armor for the iPhone 6 Plus case in black for free. First thing my husband said when I put his phone in the new case and handed it to him was "It makes the phone thinner and feels great". He loves how it is textured, it does not slide when he does not want it to. He can place it in his backpack and it does not get stuck like the other case does. He loves that fact that the buttons are not huge or sticking out. He said on the old case he would have to push hard on the buttons, on this new case he barely pushes the buttons and it responds extremely well. He also said that the lip at the bottom naturally pushes his finger/thumb into the home button when he wants to push it, the old case it was harder to push the home button in.

Pros:  thin, light weight, protects well, easy to push buttons, does not have huge button covers which in turn allows it respond to a light touch, when listening to music on speaker - volume does not have to be too high and it sounds like it is not in a case. Protects the earphone and power connection when not in use.

Cons:  not water proof

Overall: great case, great price, great protection. Protects the phone well if it is dropped on any surface except in water. I would definitely recommend this case.

Loving Ulak Knox Armor

Ulak Patterned Wallet iPhone 6 case

I bought this case because it looks cute and has spots inside to hold debit card, drivers license and my College ID so I do not have to carry a big wallet and risk loosing everything at school.  It even has a place to put a couple of dollar bills. It came with a stylist pen and a hand strap.

Pros: can carry ID, debit card and some cash, and a wrist strap. protects screen and protection screen when in purse

Cons: difficult to hold and talk on the phone if you like to hold up to your ear. Stiff case, if you leave it open for 10 minutes it does not want to stay closed afterwards, if you leave it closed it does not want to stay open for any length of time. It was in my pocket when my phone rang, I went to answer and when I removed it from my pocket it switched the call to voicemail. There is no holder slot for the stylist pen so it keeps falling out in my purse.
I received this at a hugely discounted price. Amazon lists regular price at $19.99, but it was on sale for $8.99 at the time.