Sunday, February 21, 2016

Foot compression sleeve

I bought this Foot Compression Sleeve from seller Ayuvana. I sometimes suffer from inflamed Achilles tendon and heel spurs. These feel wonderful. I bought the large because depending on brand, type and style of shoes I can wear anything from an 7 ½ to a 9. 

They went on loose and I was afraid that maybe I should have gotten the smaller size, but after being on my feet for 3 ½ hours, I could feel this tightening on my feet.  After 4 hours they felt like they were digging into me so that I had to stop what I was doing and take them off immediately. If I was normal this would not have happened but I have an issue with things touching my skin over extended periods of time, whether or not they were tight to begin with, I can not sleep with regular socks on because they start of loose and end up tight. I spent the day on my fee and my heels did not hurt me.  They provide great support for your ankles and believe me I can use all the help I can get. I fell down half a dozen concrete steps last summer and ended up with a extremely high ankle sprain (put me in a tall boot) for 8 weeks and then another 12 weeks in an ankle brace. There have been times, especially at school walking up and down stairs, my ankles start to bother me and I want my brace back, wearing these I did not want my ankle brace back.

Pros: easy to care for, easy to get on and off. Helps support your ankles.

Cons:  If you have pressure sensitivity you may not like these.

Overall: Great product and I will definitely recommend their products to others.

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