Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Solar Charger

I received from seller PowerMate Solar Charger. First thing I liked about it was the rubber protection surrounding the charger providing shock resistance, which is good since my pre-teen will still it and drops everything.. The instructions explained that each bar was 20% so if you had 5 bars then it was 100% charged. I saw that it had 2 UBS port to charge multiple devices, which will allow him to charge his iPad and iPhone at the same time.  There was a C clamp and a designed place to attach it and now you can attach to backpack/purse strap. If it is hanging on backpack and you are outside it of bag, it will be able to charge from the sunlight. Also is water-resistant, so if it starts to rain, you can get it and it won’t be dead because it got a little wet.

Since it can charge in sunlight, my son can drain us phone during the day and plug it in to the charger and place in on his bag in the sunlight while he is at Lacrosse practice. He will have enough charge now to call us if practice is ending early, going longer, or if there is a problem.


Pros: Shock resistance from drops, water resistant, can charge from outlet or sunlight, able to charge 2 devices via USB outlets. The rubber surrounding also covers the outlets when not in use providing protection from water, able to hang on backpack so it charges while you walk outside

Cons: takes 40 hours of sunlight to charge.

Overall: Great for someone who is walking around campus, or camping. They would be able to charge some what which would allow them to keep some charge to their phone in case of emergency.

DISCLAIMER:  I received this case for free in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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