Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nice pencils with a great case!

I purchased from seller Sketchor, colored pencil set. I am always looking for some good pencils to distress by coloring adult coloring books. I liked that these came in a tube pencil case and that even without names of the colors on them.  

I really like the sturdy container; so many that I have tried come in these flimsy paper/cardboard boxes that fall apart easily. I always have to find a new container for them.

  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Smooth feeling when used
  • Shape makes it easier to grip
  • Non toxic
  • Hexagon shaped barrel, makes it harder to roll across the table
  • 48 different colors, although some are very similar, being a shade or two different
  • Standalone storage container

  • Can not just easily pull out each pencil without almost dumping them out
  • Breaks easily when trying to sharpen to a nice point for those tiny areas
  • Have to press hard to get a deeper color
  • Becomes dull pretty quickly

Overall:   My son loved them and claimed them for his own, saying their container was sturdy enough to survive in his backpack, unlike other pencil cases etc.  He says middle school is tough on everything. We both love these pencils, so I may have to buy another set for myself.

DISCLAIMER:  I received these pencils at a discounted price in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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