Wednesday, August 17, 2016

UV flashlight

I purchased this UV flashlight to find areas we might have missed when cleaning up after the dogs.

Wall after cleaning
Hardwood floor

  •  Shows things that you cannot see
  • Lots of false negatives, at least in my opinion
  • Clean water and cleanser is splashed on wall, it will show a false positive

I have used several different solutions to remove dog urine. I believe it has lots of false negatives because after using baking soda & vinegar to clean the carpets I still see the same spots showing up but now they are bigger. I have also bought Bissell carpet cleaner pet solution with oxy additive and had the same results. I do not know if this is normal or if it is proving that none of the cleansers actually work.

DISCLAIMER:  I received UV flashlight for free in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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