Sunday, August 7, 2016

Perfect for anywhere! Drive-in must have!

I purchased from seller Alisten E-tRon, portable wireless Bluetooth speaker by Aulker. I was looking for another Bluetooth speaker. I have one that has screw connection on the bottom allowing you to attach to tripod but does not have FM radio or SD card reader. My son has a Beats Pill but it does not have an option to update it and after the 1st year it would not hold a charge and kept (keeps) dropping Bluetooth connections. I liked the fact that this one does have FM radio. I really dislike the fact that you can not see what FM station you have it on and that each time you turn it off and back on it resets the FM station to what is static for us and we have to go up or down to find a channel. I have actually gotten more than 10 hours out of the battery, but that is because we listen to it for an hour or so each morning while getting ready for the day, and sometimes at night in the bath. If I had to give a guess on the total length of time for the last charge, I would have to guess at about 15 hours. We took it to the drive-in, it had much better sound than the portable stereo we always take, except for the extremely loud sound effects, we had some feed back when the volume was up. #Aulker

  • 10 hour play time power (with us, turning it off and on for an hour or so at a time, we got around 15 hours on 1 charge)
  • FM radio (can not see what station it is on and it resets back to original setting every time you power it off)
  • Micro TF/SD Card (have not used this feature yet but am excited to try it)
  • USB import (have not tried this yet but plan to try it soon)
  • Built-in Microphone 
  • 3-4 hours for complete charge
  • AUX cable connection available
  • On/Off switch (like this feature, sometimes with the press button, you have to hold for several seconds to power on/off)
  • Easily connects (quickly reconnects to last devise and easily connects to others)
  • Lightweight (did not notice any extra weight in my purse, thought I had left it at home)
  • Crystal clear, has a nice base sound too (unless you max volume and have loud sound effects going off, then you get a little bit of static feed back)
  • Rubber on bottom to prevent slipping a
  • Loud for its size (sounded much louder than the portable stereo we were using, even at a lower volume)
  • Small enough to carry in my handbag

  • Light indicating charge complete is on back under the connection
  • When switching to FM mode it reverts to the same station it came on, which for me is static, wish it would revert to your last used FM station
  • Does not have a display for what FM station you are on

I love it. I love the fact, that if I forgot my electronics downstairs, I can still use the speaker, in FM mode, to listen to music while getting ready. I may have to get another to keep in the home office/study/sewing room. This is perfect for drive-in nights, you don’t have to have batteries for a portable stereo, or have to worry about car battery or having the car running and using gas.

DISCLAIMER:  I received this Bluetooth speaker for free in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product. All opinions, thoughts, comments, likes and dislikes are my and my family’s personal opinion and has not been influenced by anyone.

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