Monday, August 1, 2016

Decorating fun with Wire String Lights!

I purchased from seller Oak Leaf LLC, 2 set of 30 Green wire string lights. I have always liked the lights people put in bowls, bottles, vases, etc., and I have looked for some reasonably priced ones when I had extra money, but had not had any luck. I saw these and thought that they were very reasonably, if they lasted as long as the warranty and even more so if they lasted half as long as their stated lifespan of 26 years. I want to have something different for our party and these were a hit. I put one strand of green in my china cabinet to save using internal lights and one strand one on the bar to offset the white lights.
Easy Snap release battery access
Easy slide power on/off switch
Both Warm White and Green lights
  • many colors to choose from – Green, Blue, Purple, Warm White and White
  • battery life of 64 hours of continuous use, using only 2 CR2032 batteries
  • 3 year warranty for any problems
  • 9.8 feet per strand, 2 strands per box
  • easy to turn on and off
  • easy to access batteries and changing them out

  • Only con is that they have made me want to get more in all the colors

Overall:   These lights were a hit at the party. Several guests asked me where I had gotten them, as they had only seen Christmas light strings and not the wire string lights like these. Needless to say that more of these are on my want to get for decorating list. I highly recommend.

DISCLAIMER:  I received these lights for free in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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