Sunday, March 27, 2016

iPhone 5s charging case

I received from seller YHhao, a iPhone 5s charger case. This charger has the nice feature of blue lights across the bottom, when charging. It says 25%, 50%, 75% and all four lit up means 100% charged. Another nice function is the USB port where you can charge an additional device. Unless you plan to use Bluetooth earbuds, then you will need to get an extender or else your headphones won't fit in the jack. This definitely adds weight to your phone, obviously and it just takes some getting used to. Nice and solid feel to it. This battery case also can be used as a power supply for something else as it has the added USB port. An extra feature that this case has is that has a kickstand on the back so you can watch movies or shows or whatever.

  • Enables you to go over a full day or longer between plugging into a wall
  • USB connection to plug in thumb drive or USB cable to charge another devise
  • Keeps phone from sliding easily
  • Has a kickstand
  • Can not use cable earbuds without extender
  • Hard to push power button when case is one unless you have long nails or narrow stylist
  • Takes awhile to charge phone/charger when power is depleted
  • Hard to get the kickstand out, need a nail file or tweezers to pop it out

Overall:  Would get again. Works great. Just wish there was a cover over power button that would make It easier to push.

I originally got for my son’s phone, but he did not like it, as he was afraid it would not protect his phone well. He is a terrible klutz and is constantly dropping his phone. So after testing, he gave it to his Grammy who had come to visit. She was thrilled because she constantly had to charge.  She noticed the problem with the power button, but said it was not enough of a determinant to keep from using, just a pain.

DISCLAIMER:  I received this iPhone 5s Charger case for free in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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