Monday, March 28, 2016

MP3/MP4 Music Video Media Player 16 GB Micro SD card

I received from seller Goldenseller, a pink Mp3/Mp4 Music Video Media Player that uses a 16 GB Micro SD card to store everything. It is very easy to change Micro SD cards, so that if you decided that 16 GB was not enough, you could easily replace it. Can not add to player via iTunes, but must instead go through finder on Mac’s or windows Explorer. Comes with its own charging cord, which is needed to hook up via USB to computer/laptop to add music/videos/etc. 

Headphones that came with it are okay, but I do not like them, they do not stay in my ears easily and do not have the greatest sound quality.  Cable is what is known as a mini USB or a USB Mini B. It is a bit different to get used to putting music on once you have used apple players.  No easy way to create play lists.

  • Extremely versatile, this MP3 player does just about everything.
  • Sound output is excellent.
  • Screen colors are nice and vivid enough to comfortably enjoy
  • Can not access via iTunes, but that is what happens with any MP3 player that is not an apple product
  • Is not Bluetooth compatible
  • Not easy to create play lists

Overall:  One of the better MP3 non apple players that I have tried. I like the fact that the buttons do not look like apples so I remember more easily that it does not work the way I expect it to work.

DISCLAIMER:  I received this MP3/MP4 Media player for free in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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