Monday, January 25, 2016

Haribo Sour Gold-Bears

Received this in the mail today for free. All opinions are our own. I received Haribo Sour Gold Bears. My son was a bit apprehensive to try them as he had not heard of them before, but my husband told him that they were the number one brand name out there for gummies. 
At first my son said they were extremely sour and did not like them. I told him that it was fine if he did not like them, that his Dad and I would. We both had some and said they are not nearly as sour as some of the other candies he likes but that they actually had a nice flavor and the sugar coating made them taste even better. Once we said that, he and his dad started eating more than 1 at a time and both declared them better than other sour gummies. Although my son still did not like the pineabpple flavored one.  Would definitely recommend. They are not as bad for you as other gummies and have a great taste.

I think there was a mixup at Swaggables because I received 2 packages in the mail containing the items. Great full for that because we have had snow and my son and husband have been going a bit stir crazy with not being able to really get out and about in this weather. This gives them some snacks to settle them down.

Pros: Great realistic flavors, not over powering. Not a lot of preservatives.

Cons: not extremely sour when that is the thing you are craving.

Overall: Would definitely recommend. They have a great taste that is not over powering or fake. Not as many preservatives as other brands.

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