Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ulak Patterned Wallet iPhone 6 case

I bought this case because it looks cute and has spots inside to hold debit card, drivers license and my College ID so I do not have to carry a big wallet and risk loosing everything at school.  It even has a place to put a couple of dollar bills. It came with a stylist pen and a hand strap.

Pros: can carry ID, debit card and some cash, and a wrist strap. protects screen and protection screen when in purse

Cons: difficult to hold and talk on the phone if you like to hold up to your ear. Stiff case, if you leave it open for 10 minutes it does not want to stay closed afterwards, if you leave it closed it does not want to stay open for any length of time. It was in my pocket when my phone rang, I went to answer and when I removed it from my pocket it switched the call to voicemail. There is no holder slot for the stylist pen so it keeps falling out in my purse.
I received this at a hugely discounted price. Amazon lists regular price at $19.99, but it was on sale for $8.99 at the time.

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