Saturday, January 30, 2016

Disappointed in Sears

I bought Melrose Pillowtop King Mattress set by Beautyrest recharge at Sears. In fact, I had paid extra to have it delivered today.

I received a text message last night that it would be delivered today between 4-6 pm. This morning I received another text that it was on schedule to be delivered on time. I never received another message.  I checked online and it was still out for delivery but delivery was delayed. It would not be delivered until 6:30. I looked at 6:30 pm and it was delayed still. I called and was told they were delayed but that it should be delivered during 4-6 pm time frame. When I told the lady it was already after 7 pm. Her comment was that they were on their way to delivery number 8 and I was 9. We finished eating dinner at 8 pm and I went to check status and it says it was delivered, but it has not been delivered nor has anyone been here. I would love to receive my mattress, let it air out and make the bed before I have to leave for work tonight.

I have not heard a word from Sears.

I just called Sears again and the lady said has been rescheduled. First I heard about it. I told the lady no one had called me regarding that and their website says it has been delivered. When I told her the website says it was delivered she now tells me that their truck broke down and they can not deliver it until Next Saturday. They only value my time for their not giving me updates as only being worth $60, and that only as shop-my-way credit.

Not happy.

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