Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ulak Knox Armor for iPhone 6 Plus

My husband has been complaining that while he likes the Otterbox protection, it makes his iPhone 6 Plus thick. My husband is 6'8", in his big hands the iPhone 6 Plus looks like an iPhone 6 does in my hands. 

Amazon lists the Ulak knox Armor for the iPhone 6 Plus reg. 29.99. I received the Ulak Knox Armor for the iPhone 6 Plus case in black for free. First thing my husband said when I put his phone in the new case and handed it to him was "It makes the phone thinner and feels great". He loves how it is textured, it does not slide when he does not want it to. He can place it in his backpack and it does not get stuck like the other case does. He loves that fact that the buttons are not huge or sticking out. He said on the old case he would have to push hard on the buttons, on this new case he barely pushes the buttons and it responds extremely well. He also said that the lip at the bottom naturally pushes his finger/thumb into the home button when he wants to push it, the old case it was harder to push the home button in.

Pros:  thin, light weight, protects well, easy to push buttons, does not have huge button covers which in turn allows it respond to a light touch, when listening to music on speaker - volume does not have to be too high and it sounds like it is not in a case. Protects the earphone and power connection when not in use.

Cons:  not water proof

Overall: great case, great price, great protection. Protects the phone well if it is dropped on any surface except in water. I would definitely recommend this case.

Loving Ulak Knox Armor

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