Friday, January 15, 2016

Ulak Knox Arrmor for iPhone 6

I received this case at a hugely discounted cost for giving my honest opinion of it on Amazon. Before you think this is the iPad case. I picked to have the same color on both the iPad and my iPhone.

When i first got this case it seemed like others that i have gotten before. There was only 1 difference. This one was thinner, it is made of a hard plastic case that is coated with a rubber/elastic material. It is also, like the iPad case, extremely tight fit. 

This has been dropped many a time, I admit I am a klutz. I have dropped it on every surface around me, cement driveway, hardwoods, carpeted concrete floors, ceramic tile floors, and even stairs. It covers all sides of your phone, including a built in face plate that can serve as a screen protector. I have noticed that compared to other cases of its size that it has better volume when playing music through speaker. it has direct access to the phones speakers and doesn't muffle the sound like many other cases like it, but it is also not waterproof. It features tabs that plug up each outlet on your phone, and the tabs are strong and won't fall off because of frequent use. The only problem i have had is that i have found that the tabs work almost too well. On occasions it has been troublesome trying to access the mute switch. Other then this one small problem this is an excellent case. It will protect your phone through every ding and dent you put it through. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who is afraid that they could drop and crack their precious phone. It doesn't work well if you have a thick screen protector on it. If you do have a thick screen protector on, it will cause what seems like dead spots on the screen and you have to press hard in certain areas to get it to respond.

Like the iPad case, this case is textured, and you can kind of see the texture pattern here. I helps it grip surfaces but if the surface is like backpacks, it lets it slide easily.

Amazon lists its regular prices at $29.99 but when I bought it, it was $10.99. As long as you are not afraid that you will drop your phone in the commode, then this case is perfect. It has a texture surface so it will not slip on slick surfaces.

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