Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ulak Imguard Edge Screen Protector

I received this Screen Protector for a hugely discounted cost for giving my honest opinion on Amazon.

This is a really nice and unique screen protector for iPhone 6 by ULAK. I have tried many screen protectors from the old plastic type with the dreaded bubble that you can never get out to the newer glass protectors. The glass is so much better, but most of them have a smaller fit then the actual phone, especially when it's a newer phone, they always have that half of a circle at the bottom and it only covers just to the edge of the glass and not the whole top of the phone therefore leaving a little space for scratches. With this screen protector you can even see how thick it is.

This ULAK screen protector is one of the best I have seen for iPhone 6 and it even has a new feature that I have never seen before, it is much thicker than normal. The ULAK protector covers the entire front of the phone screen area and leaves no little spaces for scratches and debris to get it there. It also has the full circle cutout for the button unlike many others and it lines up perfectly with all of the holes on the screen. Another great feature that they have added is that the outside edge has silicone all the way around it. I have never seen this before and I love it, it adds even more protection to the phone by covering the front completely and keeping the dirt and scratches out and off my original screen. I love it. 

The screen protector comes in nice packaging and inside they include pads to clean the screen prior to putting on the new protector so you can remove any oils and dirt left behind, there is a nice thick microfiber cleaning cloth and a little plastic paddle type thing I guess to remove a bubble or just help get it on flat and straight, since the bubbles get rid of themselves once you place the protector on the screen. They also included a black screen that you put on first and then remove to get any dust or dirt off first. This is a really nice phone protector set and the glass seems of good quality. I love it and recommend trying this one out for your self it's worth it. Keeping my screen scratch free and like new. I love the fact that you can feel the screen protector is on it. Only down side is that it makes it difficult to use if you put it in an enclosed case.

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