Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ULAK Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S 2-Piece Dual Layer Style Hard Cover (Gold+Black)

All opinions expressed are my own and Xander's. I received the ULAK Hybrid Case for his iPhone 5 for free. Amazon said it would be delivered Saturday, with the Snow we received, mail did not run, but I received a text from Amazon around 3 pm Sunday, that the ULAK case had been delivered and sure enough it was in my mailbox.  My son quickly opened the package and was begging me to switch cases.
 A new case, a clothe to wipe screen off, new screen protector, a card to wipe the bubbles out and a stylist

Before we put the phone in the new case, this is the way the 2 pieces go.
 This is how the 2 pieces look when they are separated before adding them to the phone.

His iPhone 5 going into the first piece, after replacing the screen protector that was on his phone. It was filthy.
 Putting on the second part of the case.
 Completely together.

 This is what the back looks like.

Side view. Looks so much slimmer.

Difference in thickness between his Otterbox and ULAK. ULAK is much thinner.

Pros: Thin. Clearer, cleaner sound out of speaker. Easier to remove. Fits better in pockets. Does not stick to lining of backpack at school, or his sweatpants pockets. Thinner button covers requiring less pressure. Comes with a stylist that matches cover.

Cons: Does not protect from water or dust. My son said he wished it had an outer screen cover like the the Otterbox does to give added protection from scratches.

Overall Opinion:  Love the ULAK. It fits better in his pockets. Easy to get to earbud plug and power connection. Protects very well from drops. Love the stylist.

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