Friday, April 22, 2016

Airmate GJT M1 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I purchased from seller Airmate, Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth in-ear earphones with noise cancelling and microphone.  was able to listen to these for about an hour before my son saw them, claimed them and swiped them. Within 2 days, my son lost them at the drive in.

  • Great Sound
  • Loved the fact that the charge on the wire where the controls are
  • Controls on wire instead of earbuds
  • Noise reduction
  • Battery lasts about 7 hours when playing music a little less when also talking on it
  • Most people, on the other end of phone, had no idea that I was using Bluetooth earbuds to talk on the phone
  • Easy to access charging port
  • Fit in ear perfectly
  • Bright so easy to find on messy desks/tables/purses/backpacks
  • controls on wire
    charging port
    yellow flat ribbon cord
  • Connects to 2 devises at one time
  • None found

I have had a great experience with the Airmate Bluetooth Headphones. Until my son lost them.

DISCLAIMER:  I received these Bluetooth earbuds at a discount in exchange for giving my honest opinion. I do not have a relationship with the seller and manufacturer of this product.

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